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   It's time to  #RiseUpUnafraid #RiseAndReign #Soar

Live Life Radikally
is a collection of quotes & inspirational messages that became life lines while going through challenging situations. Diamond empowers you to stand firm & stand tall in the midst of the lions den holding your promises hostage... 

"During one of the most ugliest transitions of my life, I decided to make mud pies in the pits with my tears. I declared that if I had to be in this “space” then I would write on the walls to let others coming behind me KNOW that someone was here and guide them on the trail to higher ground. It hurt to the white meat, yet my radikal faith was revealed. With every breath and every step I exercised my faith and brick by brick I built a bridge from where I was to where He has called me to be. I’m alive and thriving today as a living testament of radikal faith in action. I’ve left my heart cries along the obstacle course we call life as breadcrumbs to assist you along your journey to living in purpose. Roll up your sleeves & take a deep breath, it’s time to Live Life Radikally!"-Diamond