Maximize who you are where you are!

   It's time to  #RiseUpUnafraid #RiseAndReign #Soar

The issues of the world are the issues of the church...
From the pulpit to the door it is masked, hidden in servanthood, pain, shame, pride and often fear of judgement. People that you "fellowship" with every week are smiling yet #SufferingInServanthood.

Let's address it...NOW and heal the people who are called to heal the world. Heal the church, equip the church, send the church into the world to AdvanceTheKingdom

Heal the communities, equip the communities, communities share with their friends, coworkers, social groups, people now have #HOPE

 Side Effects:
 Previously burdened people will want to know more about the God we serve that cared enough about them to share light in their dark world

Workshops and Resources are available
-Kingdom Servants please share with your Pastors...
-Pastors please start the conversations with your peers, leaders and congregation #KnowWhoIsAmongYou
Take the necessary steps to #HealTheLand